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A civil engineering and architectural services to provide solutions for planning, designing and building commercial and residential infrastructure, transportation infrastructure and distribution systems projects in the Northeastern United States, with highly qualified professionals, which offers competitive rates.

Committed to quality, integrity and satisfaction.

Our Expertise

Business & Construction Investments has a broad range of experience working with private clients. Specializing in residential projects, we have also completed work for retail stores, houses of worship, nonprofit organizations, and mixed-use developments. These projects have been completed in both occupied and unoccupied conditions that have demanded special logistical and safety planning.

Our in-house team combines hands-on construction expertise with advanced technology to identify and address issues well before tools hit the ground.

Our Commitment to Results

We have carefully cultivated expertise in partnering with organizations to complete projects with quality. Our clients appreciate the depth of research we bring to the preconstruction and construction process, inducing predictable results and achievable timelines.

Our Philosophy

We work extensively with clients to understand their project needs from constructability through quality and schedule expectations. By exceeding the needs of owners and architects through our team approach and attention to detail, B&CI wants to build a strong reputation for quality, integrity, reliability and efficiency.

Our Experience

We deeply value the well-being of our teammates and believe powerfully in hard work and the importance of collaboration.

Our team have enough home improvement experience for delivering beautiful and enjoyable projects.

The Team

We deeply value the well-being of our teammates and believe powerfully in hard work and
the importance of collaboration.

“Coming together is the beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.”

Henry Ford - Edward Everett Hale (1822–1909).



He is a visionary person, with an integral leadership providing clear guidelines for the company through their ethics, analytic intelligence, endurance and ability to simplify skills, with an establishing a well doing culture.

Phone: (571) 589-7808



She is an integrity woman with critical thinking, problem-solving, organization, empathy, creativity, teamwork, willingness to learn, adaptability, leadership skills.

Phone: (571) 589-7808

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